Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall at My House

Don't let the title fool you.  This is no How to Decorate for Fall Pinterest-worthy post.  This is my accidental minimalist Fall decor that I figured I'd share because, well, I like it and it's as good as it's going to get right now.  But I'm pretty sure no one is going to look at these pictures and say, "Oh my, where does she find the time?! How does she do it all!" Ha! It's ok.  I know that's why you love me, right?

I intended to have more mums, but I could tell I was pushing my luck with my cart full of pumpkins.  So I chose two of the most brilliant magenta mums I could find.  And gotta have the Royals pumpkin. I'll post a step-by-step DIY on how to do it tomorrow. (Just kidding, paint it blue and grab a sharpie while the kids aren't looking). 

In other news, I finally had a piece framed that had been sitting in our closet for 5 years (embarrassed blushing emoji).  I think my father-in-law gave it to us, but I can't be sure. 

It's perfect for our country kitchen.  I love it because I've seen that scene a hundred times: when my family used to drive from Dallas to Peoria when I was little, when I drove home from Columbia, MO to Dallas and back in college and now from Kansas City to Dallas over the last 8 years.   It feels very much a part of me and very grounding to look at every day.  I never had it framed before because I knew I wanted to do it right. 


Major props to Leawood Fine Art for guiding me in the right direction. 

Oh and if you blinked, you may have missed my Fall mantle decor ;) Trader Joe's, y'all.  Pumpkins and flowers and pumpkins and flowers. 

Soo much decorating stuff in my head to share with you!

Oscar De La Renta

A moment of silence for our  fellow blue and white lover, Oscar de la Renta - a talent and inspiration gone too soon.  

(His Punta Cana home - one of my absolute favorites)

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Friday, Wha? Have a Lovely Weekend?

* A white house with blue shutters and striped awnings = emoji heart eyes 

How can a week fly by and be the longest week ever?  I hope to do a little bit of Fall decorating outside and take the kids to a pumpkin patch.  Kip and I are probably going to heatedly negotiate the number of pumpkins that is appropriate to have outside your front door.  He will say 2 and I will say 10 or more.  I'm also inspired to do a big grouping of mums in different colors after seeing this post from The Potted Boxwood.   I usually just go for the lavender mums, but I love the idea of mixing lots of different colors.  So basically tons of mums and pumpkins need to happen this weekend.  Follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for updates!

UPDATE: Anyone have tips for getting half a bottle of Mr. Bubble out of the carpet??? Yep, that just happened. 

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Master Bedroom Inspiration

If you've followed this blog for awhile, you will know that the Master Bedroom has always given me a hard time when it comes to knowing what I want. But I think I've finally found some realistic inspiration.

This first little moment is one of my favorites.

Amy Berry Design
If you're not familiar with Amy Berry Design, you should head over to her web site and get yourself acquainted.  I love everything she's done and can't wait to see more.  My little sister introduced me to her work and I love that she tends toward "pretty" and "calm" - two things I need more of in my life right now.  

David Easton

Edward came home from school with a spider ring, the ring part he asked to be removed.  I swear, it looks so real at a glance, that I have about 10 mini heart attacks a day.  I stepped on it today and jumped so high I think I hovered.  Not pretty.

Tobi Fairley

The boys have also started a new game called, "How loud is too loud, Mom?"  Edward makes a loud screeching sound while covering his own ears and then asks, "Is that too loud Mom?"  Then Christopher copies him.  It's a game often played in the car or at home when I'm on my way to write something down that I'm afraid I'll forget to do.

Have y'all seen the "What does the fox say?" video?  I have.  35 times today.  Edward sang the song on repeat at the grocery store.  Even the baby has started singing it.  It's not the worst thing they could sing.  It's just one of those that gets stuck in your head.  And when you're 4 and that happens, the only thing you can do is sing.  Sing hard.

Collins Interiors

All of these rooms look so relaxing and quiet to me.  Like soo relaxing that they could probably overpower the intensity of small children and their accoutrements.  And I'm all about overpowering the little ones.  Just kidding.  I'm really just all about recharging so I can be better for my sweet boys who have endless amounts of energy. 

This post could get really long, but basically it all comes down to committing to fabric for the cornices in our room.  They will be the place I'll bring in color and/or pattern so I've been really trying to find something I won't tire of quickly.  The existing fabric is really pretty and very much something I have wanted to make work, especially because they seem to be expertly upholsteres.  It's just not exuding the extreme level of quiet I'm looking for.  

I need hiding under water in a pool quiet.  

Phoebe Rudomino Underwater Photography

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Suzeday Tuesday & Other Stuff

Sorry, I'm a bit tardy to the Tuesday party, but I wanted to share another peek at The Suze's house update.  Peachy pink flowers take everything up a notch right?  And the sparkly sink fixtures are calling my name. 

She's in the middle of unpacking everything, which is basically like moving into a new house she hadn't really seen before.  This is a time I really wish I lived closer to home so I could help her move stuff around, make firm decisions and she can be done with it. I could pretend we're on an HGTV reality show or something.  Make it fun?  Ok, champagne and pretend reality show.  That's better.  I'd also like to claim a few things for my house before my sisters get to them ... (we'll see which one read today).

Speaking of my house, I have found yet another fabric I am considering for the master bedroom, which I've decided needs attention.  It is a disaster.  It needs to feel quiet. 

I'm liking the fabric below.  Sorry for the extreme close-up.  I'm not sure why I did that. 

I'll have more on that tomorrow. Or in like 5 hours if you're reading this on Wednseday.

This is is the pretty part of the disaster.  The blue and white nest.  Totally perfect for watching ...


Yes.  The baseball team.  Although if there was a live feed of the royals, specifically Princess Kate and Baby George, I would definitely be perched in a nest watching that 24/7. 

Kansas City city is so magical right now.  Really, it's awesome, not to mention it's the most beautiful time of year.  And every one's all decked out in blue.   It's fun to see this city so proud and excited and full of energy. 

* I just had to include a little nod to the team because the game was ending as I was finishing the post. The sound of the crowd cheering and the fireworks outside my window gave me a few goosebumps.  I want to remember it. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

A Moment with Mario Buatta

Classic, old school and quirky. 

From Mario Buatta: Fifty Years of American Interior Design 

* my favorite thing about this book, besides the obvious chintz and gloss, is that almost every picture has family photos on display, something you almost never see in magazines and design books. That's a blog post for a day when the kids are feeling less destructive :) 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Have a HAPPY Weekend!!

* image via {this is glamorous}

TGIF! Wahoo! Thanks so much for all your feedback on the buffet-situation. I think  I'm going to check some antique stores and consignment shops this weekend before I order anything, but y'all have definitely helped me focus.  I love that y'all remind me what I really want.  It's really so wonderful to get all of these comments and think, "oh they are so right," or "wow, there are others out there like me!"  I wish you could all come over and drink wine with me.  Until then, pour one out for me.  No don't.  I was just trying to be cool.  Never waste wine in my name.  Drink it.  Drink. it. up. 

Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy these linkies!

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Pretty Wallpaper

Going to paint a piece in the basement (unless it sells on craigslist), tempted to go this route, but I won't - now the lamps are a different story ...

November 11 can't come soon enough (Andy Cohen's new book!!!)

Probably going to make these truffle fries asap

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I 100% agree with this guy that happiness brings success and not the other way around

Two great Copy Cat Chic finds: The pagoda mirror and this color swirls table lamp 

 My friend Amanda's Halloween decorations are soo awesome, I'm inspired to at least go out and buy some cute ghosts.