Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Suze's Pretties

This weekend I took the boys to Dallas for quick trip to surprise The Suze for her birthday! I was able to snap a few pics for y'all in between eating Bubba's fried chicken and mashed potatoes (I seriously are it 4 times and was only there two days). 

She had her sofas recovered and had them redo the arms to make them more tuxedo-like rather than the over-sized arms that were so popular when she bought them in the 90s. They are so pretty and perfect in the new space. 

Here's another view as we were watching About Bruce, Part 1 together as a family. My dad was the first to notice that Bruce had blue hydrangeas just like we do. Ha! 

I would have taken a better angle if I'd known I was going to share this one on the blog. She did a great job styling the shelves! 

The boys on the newly slipcovered chair! I kept throwing a sheet over it just in case some stealthy peanut butter hands made their way over to this beautiful blank canvas. 

I loved the giant robin's eggs on this chest. Sorry for the crushed up cheerio powder filter my iPhone was giving that day. 

She's still working on her entry, but I loved that Edward insisted that his dinosaur live on the silver tray while we were there. He's my little high brow baby. I can already tell he's going to like nice things when he grows up. 

Mom got out all of her pretty things for family to come over, which Edward immediately noticed. 

I gave my mom some peonies for her birthday and everyday they got bigger and bigger like a pretty, slow-moving firework. 

Wish I could have stayed longer! 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

HBD to The Suze & A Pretty Dallas House

A very Happy Birthday to The Suze, my beautiful Mama who inspired this blog and all things blue and white! I picked up our favorite peachy pink roses because I knew she would want me to get myself flowers for her birthday (Of course, she has some flowers and sussies coming her way, I just stumbled on these at the grocery store). That's the kind of wonderful mom she is, one who genuinely delights in her children indulging in her favorite flower. 

If I were in Dallas to celebrate with her I would probably make her walk down to this house, which is for sale nearby.

Checking out local real estate is one of our favorite things to do together.  This house pretty much looks like it's made for me (or The Suze). I love Kansas City, but it would be amazing to live down the street from my family (free babysitting and steak!).

So Mama, for your birthday we'll take a virtual tour through this house together and I won't tell anybody that you insisted on driving.

For more on this lovely, lovely listing check it out over on Ebby Halliday

Friday, May 8, 2015

For My Mom (who's probably the only person reading at this point)

What happened?  I blacked out. 

Oh I haven't blogged in a month??


Where have I been?  Y'all, I don't even know.  Somewhere between trying in vain to hold on to the baby's last remaining thigh roll, reorganizing our toys for the 655th time and walking past the growing pile of laundry, pretending not to see it, I got out of the blog habit.  I knew I'd be back because I love blogging so much, but I just had to do it.  Someone should make that a tagline for their product "Just do it."

So now I'm back as a Mother's Day present to myself.  And to my Mom, The Suze, who maybe forgot to notice that I haven't blogged in awhile.  Just kidding.  She really doesn't know how the Internet works. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's magic. 

True Story.  I started Beclaire House after I would share other people's blog posts with my mom and she would say, "I love your blog! Everything you post is everything I love." Such a Mom, right? Giving me all of the credit.  I didn't have the heart (or was it the energy) to tell her the posts were from blogs all over the World Wide Web and I was simply hitting the share button.  And really, those are details The Suze doesn't like to bother with.  As long as the pretty pictures end up on her screen she's happy.

And I'm so happy to be here chatting with y'all and sharing pretty pictures again.

But bear with me because we are about to enter Summer a.k.a. No Man's Land.  I have not signed my kids up for one thing this Summer.  Soo we are about to get a lot of quality time together.  A lot. 

It'll be good.  It'll be good.

* amateur iPhone photos by moi. A few new acquisitions over my accidental hiatus. I intend to blog more about them. Lots of monograms, I'm just now realizing. 

** the last image is what happens when it's quiet. Baby on the desk (trying to find candy), his favorite Keurig cups abandoned for more precious desktop items, potential ER visit or unpleasant trip to the Apple Store almost certain. 

*** yes, that's Britney. 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Spring Fever

I went a little crazy in the fresh flower section at Trader Joe's yesterday. 

Clearly this is the time of year that I crave fresh spring florals and lots of green because I seriously did the exact same thing on this day last year! 

I'm becoming so predictable. 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Peek a boo!

Typical: A Honey Bear, A Partially Finished Painting Project, and A Basket of Laundry

Oh my! Where did the time go? I did not mean to leave y'all hanging high and dry for so long.  I've entered a stage with my little one (18-24 months) that I didn't even remember was a hard age until many kind strangers (other moms) recognized my struggle and gave me reassuring nods or pep talks.

As I try to maneuver my grocery cart through the store with a two-foot tall "helper" determined to push it with me one way or another, someone will catch my eye, laugh, and then, more seriously say, "that's a tough age, isn't it?"

I completely forgot. 

It's also an incredibly cute age. Like crazy cute. They're little mini-people, walking short with teddy bear like bodies, clapping for themselves and giving hugs and kisses for cheers. 

So I really can't take my eyes off of my little guy for one second because he'll either do the most adorable thing in the entire world or the most dangerous thing. 

And then there are the moments when I'm vacuuming bits of egg shell out of the washing machine or explaining to an upholstery cleaner over the phone that the substance in the button-tufting of my sofa is most likely chewed up fruit snacks. 

And in those moments, I am thinking, I'd rather be blogging. 

So bear with me!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My New Mural from Susan Harter!

Hello friends! I'm so excited to show you my new custom mural from Susan Harter Muralpapers.  I posted about her work back in October (see here) when I came across this image on The Pink Pagoda's Blue and White Monday Post (always a good way to start the week).

I thought the concept was pretty genius.  Basically, you pick a design, send in your room measurements and they tailor the paper to fit your room, only selling you what you need.  I decided to order some samples to see if something might work above our fireplace, which was sort of an awkward space.  Not only is it visible from almost every room in the house, but it is also rather long and narrow.  

I needed something that is visually easy on the eyes and pretty enough to do the mantle justice.  

I just noticed giant Costco Bear hiding behind the palm!

Pardon the horrible, dark images.  This is what I sent Susan to show her my space.  She was so sweet and wonderful to work with!  When I tried to order samples, I couldn't figure out what I wanted so I pretty much tried to order every sample they had available.  I remember thinking it was odd that I was allowed to order so many samples, but thought, "oh well, no harm in trying!"  Susan contacted me herself offering to help me narrow down my options.  Ha! Oops! Really, she was incredibly helpful in choosing scenes that would work best in my space and sent me a couple samples, all of which were gorgeous.  

Together we ended up choosing the Calmsden True Scenic because of it's size and color.  While they normally do wallpaper she suggested having the scene painted on canvas to be stretched and hung.  After a few more emails, shipping and stretching, this is the end result:

Again, sorry for the iPhone pics. 

Still playing around with the styling

I'm so incredibly pleased with the painting and Susan was such a joy to work with.  I highly recommend her work if you are considering wallpaper or have an awkward space to work with.  Her prices are so reasonable considering how beautiful and custom the designs are.  If we didn't already have so much wallpaper in our house I would do a whole room.  Hmmm maybe our second home ;)

So go check out susanharter.com  and all of the beautiful murals! It looks like they just added a new trellis scenic inspired by Elsie de Wolfe's famous 1907 treillage room at the Colony Club, NYC.  Ya, I'm dying.  It's at the top of my list for things I need in my house someday.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tricky Tuesday: Chartreuse Love

I can't tell if I'm being tricked by amazing designers into thinking I can use a color that I don't use a lot or if I really am inspired so I thought I'd throw it out to y'all.

It started with this vest from J. Crew.

I saw it in the store and could not stop thinking about the color.  I eventually went back and bought it and then worried that I should have gone with something more in line with the colors I wear, which are mostly navy and white (I know, surprised?).  

It is now quite possibly the item of clothing I've worn most for the last four months (just ask my fellow moms at preschool pick-up and drop-off), and it's definitely my favorite thing I've purchased this year.  

Soooo it's established that I like the color.  

Do I use it in my house?  Because I keep thinking about it in my dining room.  Just a pop.  Either some chartreuse velvet on the dining chairs or bring it in with some less permanent accent pieces.  

I know if it's done right, it can look really elegant and interesting.  


See!  I prefer the color in small doses.  

So what do y'all think?  What do you think Theresa will think?*

* If you are new here, Theresa is my judgmental shepherd lady in my dining room who looks over my household and keeps us in check.  You can read more about her here.  I'm pretty sure I just saw her eyes float down to the candle sconces that have been sitting on our dining room table for the last six months waiting to be hung.  I tried to explain that things get busy around here and she should lay off to which she replied, "Who gonna check me boo?" (We're both Real Housewives fans).