Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Little Bean in Bungalow Magazine!

Hi pretties! Two of my favorite girly girls.

Y'ALL, you have to check out my brother and sister-in-law's house in my new favorite online magazine, Bungalow Magazine! I'm not just saying that it's my new fave because their house is in it.  I actually really like the magazine.  It's very interiors heavy, which I love, and the articles really do a great job of answering the questions I would have about a room pictured.  Isn't that all we ever really want from our shelter magazines?! Pretty pictures and someone to walk us through them. 

Buut the fact that their house is in the current issue does give them points on my book for having a good eye ;) 

The sweetest little monkey jumpin' on the bed, oooh that wallpaper.

I've been waiting patiently for someone to properly photograph it so I can share it with you.  My iphone skillz just wouldn't cut it so I never asked.  I knew it would only be a matter of time.  It's too fun not to share. 

It is the cutest, happiest home!  I love that they took an older bungalow, which might've been torn down and replaced with some gigantic monstrosity, and made it new and cool again.  I also love that every detail has a meaning or a story or was thoughtfully selected.  There's nothing in that house that they don't love.

There's more! I can't give it all away :)  Go check out Bungalow Magazine!

Then go check out Little Bean and wish all of the kid's clothes came in adult sizes. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter! (and a little request)

* brotherly love in its purest form

I hope y'all are having a wonderful weekend! I wanted to take a moment to spread some love. I almost never blog about church or my faith because I know not everybody's into that and well, this blog's just not that deep. But this is a blog about my home and my home is in a  wonderful community, one that has really come together and made me realize how lucky I am to be a part of it. A week ago this community was rocked by a horrific hate crime when a former member of the KKK took the lives of 3 people. I'm sure many of you saw the news of the shootings at the Jewish Community Center and Village Shalom. For us, it was not just another shooting, it was our neighbors. Two of the victims, a 14 year old boy and his grandfather, belonged to my church and while I did not know them personally, it brings it that much closer to home. 

Now I so don't want to be a downer. It's Easter after all!  Lots of kids in cute outfits, bunnies and flowers.  It's a happy day and for many of us it's a day to remember that hate will never have the last word. So I wanted to encourage all my readers to go out and do something loving for someone else this week. In the spirit of the victims, let's spread some love.  I'm seeing it in my own community, and I can tell you it's inspiring and infectious.  Also, since this is a decorating blog, it will make you love your house more ;) Trust me. It's science. Doing loving things for others makes everything prettier. 

* these wonderful people held up signs for the westboro baptist picketers outside of our church during the funeral of 14 year-old, Reat Underwood, and his grandfather.  I think it pretty much sums up the Easter message.

 (Photo via http://news.yahoo.com/photos/hundreds-counter-protesters-line-street-response-protest-anti-photo-002204478.html) 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Pretty Place to Read Magazines & Drink Rose

* Anthony P. Browne in Architectural Digest.  Photo by John Wadsworth

Excuse me for being a bad blogger lady.  I'm navigating unfamiliar waters here. 

Not only am I outnumbered by boys, a situation this girly girl is not often in, but I'm also trying to figure out how much wrestling is too much for an 8 month old and how many times I can ask my son not to jump over his brother's head before I threaten to take away everything that is precious to him. 

Give me girl drama any day. 

I can handle a three hour phone call about why your friend might not be talking to you and what you should do about it.  I'm just not so sure what to do about breaking up a headlock situation or how to respond to things like "I need to go fight the dog." 

Don't get me wrong, my boys are super sweet and actually fairly well-behaved in public, but you take your eye off of them for one second in their natural habitat and well, it's suddenly cage fighting practice.  I knew this day would come, but I'm surprised it's so early.  It's all very fascinating, brothers, boys, the joy of wrestling.  So if my blogging is few and far between lately, know that I'm just fine, I miss you and I will be back as soon as I can!

 * This post is brought to you by Golf Magazine (yes an entire magazine devoted to golf), which I let the baby tear to pieces while I typed.  Sorry Kip!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Have a Lovely Weekend!

*  Photo by Kelly Christine (a supercool, sweet and extremely talented photographer based in Dallas)

Hello friends! If you are looking for some beautiful spring party inspiration, you have to visit the posts my sister-in-law finally put up from her wedding to none other than my sweet little brother!

Go now and then come back --> Wedding Posts One, Two and Three

I know she was eager to give credit to all of the fabulous people who helped make the day so beautiful and special.  She's sweet like that :) So my first three links (and the photo credit above) are to their awesome vendors whom I've been following all over the Internets thanks to my sister-in-law. 


I could look at Emily Clarke Events blog all day long

I am so inspired by Bows and Arrows Flowers (their Instagram always gives me a dose of happy)

I'm also obsessed with Casa De Perrin's Instagram for tabletop inspiration

I signed up for my first birthday party with The Birthday Party Project and I'm beyond excited! What's better and more fulfilling than bringing joy, love and light to children?!

I also want a pink bathroom now

Texas Beauty - this kind of thing fascinates me to no end

A great post on painting brick houses

A genius gadget for small kitchens

Front door color inspiration for people who are fun

This house is fun

A great quote about books (and justification for us book hoarders)
* My Father-in-law's most recent joke: 
It's not justification, it's a work trip, too. 
(I think I'm the only one who appreciates his jokes)

Cute baby gift for a little girl and a little boy

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Moody Spring Flowers

Y'all, my bestie from college is coming to visit today and I couldn't be more excited! She's coming with her fiancĂ© all the way from Charleston, and I'm afraid Kansas City will not be welcoming them with beautiful spring weather.  So yesterday I headed to Trader Joe's and loaded up on flowers, chocolates and adult beverages in hopes of giving them a nice welcome. 

This is literally my first time arranging flowers in any way. The closest I've come in the past is removing the baby's breath from a bouquet of roses. I'm not even an amateur. I'm an infant. But the flowers at Trader Joe's were so pretty that I got a little ambitious. I really want to take a class on floral arranging because I know there are so many tricks beyond just putting them in a vase. The end result was a bit moody and haphazard, but I'm enjoying them nonetheless. 

So here are the fruits of my labor.  Be gentle. 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Boy Wallpaper: Brunschwig & Fils Battle of Valmy

Morning y'all! While I'm nowhere near doing anymore decorating in the boys' rooms, I have fallen in love with this awesome Brunschwig & Fils Battle of Valmy Wallpaper

Bailey McCarthy used it in the little boy's room of her latest Project Holly.  The entire home is featured on Style Me Pretty Living.

The owner was inspired to used the wallpaper after seeing this room in D Magazine

I love all of the colors, the pretty typeface and the whimsical coat of arms feel in each of the illustrations.  Plus, as I'm learning, boys love things like weapons and horses and battles.  (I swear, Edward can turn anything into a sword).  This is the kind of wallpaper a little boy could sit in his bed and study when the lights go out, making up stories and names for each of the soldiers.  I just love the idea of using decor to create a bit of nostalgia for your children when they're young.  Something that will always be part of the backdrop of their memories. 

Do y'all ever think about things like that in your decorating?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

If I blogged more,

mayybe I could afford Bunny Melon's Upper East Side Townhouse for my very own.  Maybe?

You can visit the listing here

(Pardon my absence y'all.  Kids are a wee bit high maintenence. xo)