Monday, June 15, 2015

Boy Room Inspiration

First, thank you all so much for your advice on Edward's big boy room!  The general consensus was to take my cues from him.  If he wants a dark blue room, a dark blue room he shall have.  He even picked the color.  I know! I narrowed it down for him and when I couldn't decide, I had him choose, multiple times, and it was always the same.  You'll have to wait and see what he chose, but I'll tell you it's not subtle.  Eek! I promise to share pics when it's finished.

I know one commenter wanted to know where the chinoiserie pillows came from.  I bought them from my sister who ordered them on Etsy.  I believe from the shop Elegant Touch.  They are Schumacher Nanjing print in porcelain, front and back.  I LOVE them.  They are very well made, too!

Ok, enough about me, let's look at some other adorable boy room inspiration, shall we?

Ashley Whittaker knows how to do a boy room, doesn't she?  I love everything she does though! 

via Nell Hill's Blog

More Ashley Whittaker 

Oh hey Ashley Whittaker again (and Leontine Linens, sigh) 

via here

So many cute boy nurseries, but this one can translate easily to a big boy room. via here

Alessandra Branca in Southern Accents (still miss you, SA) 

Ana Cordeiro via here

From (where I'll be bringing you another idea book soon).

                         Traditional Kids by Wilmington Interior Designers & Decorators Liz Carroll Interiors

                               Tropical Kids by Garden Grove Photographers V.I.Photography & Design

                                                                              Contemporary Kids

                                                Beach Style Kids by Biddeford Photographers Irvin Serrano

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Boy's Room Advice from the Experts

Of course, y'all are the experts and I'm the one needing advice. I've started working on Edward's big boy room and am suddenly at a standstill. Get ready for some quality iPhone pics (they're really bad, but the first one is pretty accurate lighting-wise.) 

That's it. That's all I have. The dresser is much prettier than the picture shows. 

This is the scene on his walls right now. 

Edward is begging for dark blue walls. He's four so he doesn't really get to make design decisions yet, but he seems to have an appreciation for pretty spaces so I want his room to be a place he loves.* 

It needs more layers, curtains and some bookshelves. The sweet boy asked for a picture of his family for his room.  My heart almost burst out of my chest. 

Now the white walls are fine, but a bit drab and dirty gray looking with the way the light is in the room.  Dark blue is really hard to pull off. I don't think it's a realistic option in here. Am I right? Any color ideas jumping out at you? Suggestions? Or do I just hang pictures and call it a day. 

Also, this children's book is one of my new faves to "read" with Edward. 

There are no words, but the most beautiful pictures. It tells the sweetest story that gave me goosebumps in the end.  Get it for your coffee table, even if you don't have children.  

* Y'all will find this funny. When Edward is really, really mad at me (usually because I've told him he can't jump on the furniture or eat candy for breakfast) he will say something like "... And I don't like my blue dresser! I don't want my new blue dresser anymore! I'm going to throw it in the trash."  This is also the kid that knows my favorite flower so I can take the decorating insults :) 

Monday, June 8, 2015

My Trip to Madre

When I was in Dallas to surprise The Suze for her birthday, I knew I had two missions: 1) Favor all of my favorite restaurants (seriously, Favor might be the greatest app ever invented), and 2) visit Madre, the chic design boutique that some super-stylish mamas opened in Dallas.

 It also happens to be the new home for Little Bean, my sister-in-law's adorable children's boutique.

* Last three images by Kelly Christine for Architectural Digest

These ladies clearly have an eye for all things pretty.

Just take a minute to scroll back up and digest all of the pretty details.  I spy pretty blue piping, a lantern with scallop detail (oh ya, you can customize those), blue and white eyelet, a pretty monogram, a tutu I would've insisted on bathing in as a little girl, tassels, a teepee and a grasscloth covered console.

via Madre's Instagram 

The coral door and the gray and white awning are as welcoming as the girls who run it.

Here are some pictures I snapped while I oohed and ahhhed and tried to move in.  

Everything in the store is pretty. They have so many customizable pieces, like the tassel dresser above. My sisters and I are fighting over who gets that dresser first. 

So many great gifts and accessories. 

And then there's Little Bean! The tutus alone make me want to go back in time and up my twirly dress game.  My boys went straight for the noisest toy in that room, of course.  My sister-in-law has the best eye for chic children's stuff that kids will actually like. From toys to clothes to nap mats, it's all very high quality, but not too precious.  

So many great, unique clothes and toys and accessories.

I love how you can really see the attention to detail in the nap mats when you see them up close.  My boys don't really need nap mats at school, but it occurred to me that these would be perfect for when we travel.

Madre has the most adorable nursery items! If my baby wasn't standing on my coffee table threatening to jump as I write this, I might think about having another little one just to shop their nursery bedding.

I love that lamp. A lot. A lot a lot.  And the wallpaper.  And there's even a chic dinosaur!  It's such a happy place. I wonder how many times a day they hear "can I just live here?" from customers. 

Ok have I gushed too much? Madre is definitely a must-visit if you're in Dallas! And if you're not in Dallas, follow them on Instagram for some serious design inspiration/envy. 

See more of Madre here, here and here

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Southern Charm


If you like this blog, then you probably watch Southern Charm on Bravo.  It's basically my perfect reality show.  Light on the dark drama that the Real Housewives sometimes throw our way (ahem, New Jersey) and heavy on chintz and, well, charm.

And there is Patricia Altschul, who is the other person I pretend to be in my head when I'm not pretending to be Britney Spears.  (I kind of feel uncomfortable with that entire sentence).


So last night was the season finale of Southern Charm (tear), and I had two mini-freak outs.

First, as I was fully absorbed in the Katherine/T-Rav drama, I happened to notice out of the corner of my eye a figure in the shadows. It was my four-year-old standing three feet away from my side of the bed, smiling and quietly staring at me at 11:30 PM. AH!! How long had he been there? Why didn't he announce his presence?  Why is he awake?  So alarming.

Second, this.

Yep, that's Mario Buatta.  The Prince of Chintz hanging out in Patricia Altschul's kitchen offering his two-cents on the Southern Charm kids' shenanigans like it's a regular old Tuesday afternoon.   I died.

I knew the minute I saw her bright apple-green walls with all of the chintz and check fabric that Mr. Buatta had a hand in the decor, but I definitely didn't expect him to actually appear on the show!  It was just a hilarious collision of two unlikely worlds that actually made perfect sense.  We've entered into a new era Of reality TV y'all.

Patricia, her caftans, the fabulous chintz seating, the butlers and cocktails, they are the true stars of the show.  She's clearly having fun with it, too.  So in honor of the season finale, I had to post the grand "Buattafied" Charleston mansion, generously shared with us by the fabulous Miss Patricia.

If you want a great read, definitely check out the accompanying article in Architectural Digest.

Here are so more, less glossy photos, from the Bravo web site, which I actually prefer.

Which room is your favorite? I could never choose.

Now I'm off to mourn the end of my favorite TV show until it returns for a new season.  Let's hope this show only serves to encourage more fabulous people with legendary interior designers to enter the Reality TV world.  Bravo, take note.